Looking Forward

To deliver a service that suit your business


Web & Mobile App Development

We at Aljal we design a webpage with the requested contents by the client and reflect it on the website by developing mobile application software for IOS and Android platform.

We at Aljal we facilitates the development of purpose-built customizable mobile applications to suit various business needs. Besides the compatibility and full centralizing, all mobile applications feature reliable programming, enhanced security, high speed, functional design and ongoing maintenance and support.

Smart Attendance system

We at Aljal deliver a solution to track individual’s attendance in different types of institutions using access card control systems(Hather), biometrics, and face recognitions scanning.

Hather attendance System is an integrated system for the management of the attendance and departure process for students and teachers through a unified interface. The system is easy to use and connect to other systems in the school. It also includes a large number of reports. The system works via the web. It provides access to the system from anywhere through mobile devices .

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